ARAD Comprehensive Treatment Center | 1001 Wallace Blvd. | Amarillo, TX  79109-1735

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ARAD is licensed in the State of Texas as a Substance Abuse Treatment Facility.  ARAD is currently pursuing accreditation through the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) International. Privacy of those in treatment is a primary concern. ARAD will demonstrate strict adherence to HIPAA rules and regulations regarding confidentiality and will address all of your concerns with sensitivity.


Admission to ARAD is quick & easy. 

Once you are on site and have been cleared for entrance into the facility we will help you an/or your loved one complete the initial paperwork, give you a tour of the facility and a give you some time to settle in to your new surroundings before meeting with the counseling team and start making arrangement for your or your loved one's program & treatment preferences.
We know checking in to a comprehensive treatment facility is big transition, and it may feel unusual at first; but our staff are well trained and experienced with helping people quickly learn the systems so you can make the most of your time with us.

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ARAD is currently a private-pay only facility.  We are in the process of getting approval to accept insurance but that in not yet available; we appreciate your patience as we work out the details with the insurance companies.  As a full service in-patient facility ARAD is a bargain compared to what you will pay for a similarly credentialed staff in a similarly equipped facility.  At around $3500 per week for comprehensive treatment ARAD is 30% less than some comparable treatment centers in other cities across the country.  


We understand that not everyone can afford the comprehensive care ARAD offers, but please don't let money be the thing that stops you from getting help for your self or a loved one.  We can help point you towards lower cost resources that can help you or your loved one get into recovery and start making progress with your budget.  Contact us so we can help.  
Please take note that ARAD is not a detox facility, you cannot be intoxicated when you arrive and will be tested before admittance.  We can arrange for a referral to a detox facility nearby if necessary.


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