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ARAD is licensed in the State of Texas as a Substance Abuse Treatment Facility.  ARAD is currently pursuing accreditation through the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) International. Privacy of those in treatment is a primary concern. ARAD will demonstrate strict adherence to HIPAA rules and regulations regarding confidentiality and will address all of your concerns with sensitivity.

Financial Information
Residential Care Services

At present, ARAD is not able to bill insurances, but we are working toward this goal, and hope to begin insurance billing in 2019.


Meanwhile ARAD operates on a sliding feel scale. Fees for all services are based on a participants  income, the number of people supported by that income and other variables. Prospective participants and their families will know the exact cost of treatment before services begin, and fees are payable one week at at time in advance of services rendered. The full cost for one week of residential care is $3,500.  Depending on where participants fall on the scale, they may pay anywhere from $1,925 (55% discount) up to the full amount of $3,500 per week.

Intensive Outpatient Services

For outpatient services a similar scale applies.


For 3 days (totaling 24 hours) of intensive outpatient treatment, the full charge would be $660. Depending on where a participant falls on the scale, they may pay anywhere from $363 up to the full amount of $660 weekly. If a participant attends more than 3 days of IOP, costs go up accordingly.

Simple Outpatient Services

Simple outpatient services are presented as a menu of options and the total cost for services depends on which menu items are selected.  For example if a participant selects one individual counseling session ($50 per session), 2 hours of group counseling ($25 per hour = $50) and one wellness session per week ($10 per session) the full charge would be $110 per week.  If a participant adds more menu items, the cost of treatment goes up accordingly.


Based on the examples given above, a participant in outpatient services may pay anywhere from 55% to 100% of fees, based on having met criteria for the sliding fee scale.