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ARAD is licensed in the State of Texas as a Substance Abuse Treatment Facility.  ARAD is currently pursuing accreditation through the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) International. Privacy of those in treatment is a primary concern. ARAD will demonstrate strict adherence to HIPAA rules and regulations regarding confidentiality and will address all of your concerns with sensitivity.

Counseling Programs

Getting to the core of the issues that lead to substance misuse is vital to getting free.

Counseling Programs

The situations in life that act as triggers for substance use & misuse (activities, places, people, etc.)  have emotional or psychological roots that need to be understood in order to take away the trigger's power.  Trigger avoidance is a good strategy but understanding and dealing with the underlying issue is what brings freedom.  

The trained & experienced psychologists and psychiatrists at ARAD provide participants with the opportunity & the tools to take an honest look at the individual and interpersonal issues that the participant associates with substance misuse or that substance misuse covers up, so they can be dealt with, one by one.

Counseling at ARAD is not about blaming, it is about identifying, understanding and addressing the causes of substance misuse so the emotional & psychological healing needed to live a successful sober life can begin.  The following counseling programs are available to participants and their families.

Individual counseling to explore and examine personal issues

Not everything can be shared in a group setting. Each participant at ARAD will have the opportunity to meet regularly on an individual basis with a counselor to examine deeper personal issues and to explore a personalized pathway to healing.

Couples Counseling

Relationships suffer when substance misuse is at the center. Our counseling staff can help couples sort things out and begin to heal the hurts. Couples can learn healthier ways to communicate and work toward rebuilding trust.

Family Therapy (Children are welcome)

Families struggle when substance misuse is throwing life off balance, leaving everyone scared, confused, angry, and sad. Education about the dynamics of addiction and its impacts on the family as well as therapy for families can help set things right again. At ARAD we have a play area for children, and the entire family is invited to join in wellness activities.  Art and music are favorites for the kids!